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eating ; alter ego dinner

We, humans, love to draw a line between things. Human, non-human. Nature, culture. 2020, 2021. This is how we justify dominating this or that thing, because it is on the other side of the limit.

Yet it seems to me that there is no final state. Only a dislocation of things, to go towards other things. A kind of constant transition. The conclusion, then, is that there is no conclusion.

It is in this state of thinking that we must ask ourselves now:
How do we hack the boundary?
Because, even if we don’t recognize it, it is erected around us by others. It remains to be seen what we do with it.

Enjoy your meal.


The interpreter, aka copy mechanism.
The rebel, aka fuck authority.
The robot, aka detachment.
The escaper, aka avoidance.
The Nihilist, aka enjoy yourself.