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cooking ; a modern stone age

Social media and modern technologies of communication impact the relationships’ dynamics. Their use encourages I-It interaction (using something/someone to achieve a goal), instead of an I-Thou one (genuinely being with someone, for no other reason than the being or the sharing).

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and spatial research (pdf).

As a call to get back to the basics, this nomadic kitchen is meant to be in an I-Thou position with its user, instead of an I-It. It doesn’t use any technology but the properties of stones and is developed in two scales: the domestic and the public.

; the domestic

The domestic kitchen is a combination of 4 stones (granite, obsidian, anthracite, calcium carbide) wrapped in a linen piece of fabric.

My body is my absolute domestic space, so I deleted all the rest, as an act of dispossession and the first step of decolonization. It’s a set of habits and rituals I develop to create a moment. Your costume becomes your home, and your dance of using it is your act of being.

; the public

As a paradise, the public kitchen is an island surrounded by fences. It captures you and floats away, conceding a real break out of the tyranny of immediacy. You find freedom while being imprisoned.

You don’t know how long and where you’re gonna get out. The master of ceremony cooks for you and shows you how to listen to the stones.

; research