Eff Libilbéhéty is a designer based between Amsterdam and Brussels. After obtaining their Bachelor’s in Graphic Design (2014) and Bachelor’s in Architectural Design (2021), they worked as both a graphic designer, scenographer and creative director.

Their practice is enigmatic and utilizes socio-anthropological concepts to both challenge the status-quo and engender the rethought of the design process. Using medium as graphic design, sound landscape, moving images, spatial design or sculpture, their work encourages the questioning of individual and collective engagement with the « everyday » through blurring the lines between subjectivity and objectivity. This acts to demonstrate that humans and their interaction with the object are as significant as the object itself.

The relationships between nomadism and stasis, culture and technology, order and chaos, are themes flirted with to hold up a proverbial mirror to society. This mirror intends to force reflection on what we consider in/organic and what is merely de/re/socially constructed.
Eff’s raw, candid and angular aesthetic screams « F/ck Your Discomfort » and instead intends to confront the viewer with their own culpability.


Video edited by Tania Phuong.


+32456 297 073




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