For the 2020 Open Day, Architectural archetypes (grid, floor plans and building elements) were used to democratize spatial design.

The very pragmatic approach makes it playful and accessible, giving the public space to create their own narratives. It is also meant to show the omnipresence of architecture : it is the setting of people’s lives, everywhere but imperceptible.

the pavilion

The pavilion is realized with the academy’s elements : doors, tiles and windows. The whole is very simply joined : there is mainly straps. It takes architecture out of its pedestal by empowering self-construction..

The pavilion was constructed with the help of Tania Phuong and Fanny Bezie.


the bathroom

The bathroom signage is meants to welcome people and acknowledge all of them. The type is fluent and organic, embracing a different kind of bodies. Hanged in blue fabric, the signs are reduced to just the necessary and functional information,s ‘sit’ and ‘stand’. The words are organized like the room’s floor plan.

The signage was developed in collaboration with Luca Heydt.


the symposium

The symposium communication screams architecture can be fun too! The flyer comes with a floor plan of the academy as well a transparent grid. The public can ‘apply’ it to any landscape and grasp its scale or angle. Such grid transforms every flat experience into a spatial one, suggesting architecture is all around you.

The program was developed in collaboration with Wimke Dekker.