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playing ; brief collision

After the sitting project on Krugerplein, I decided to explore new ways to create social cohesion in-situ. I believe common platforms are essential in the city landscape. If citizens are united, they can stand together against systems of inequality and oppression. When spaces encourage public debate, catching people from diverse background, it creates a powerful opposition.

Collision is a game compound of modules (public installations) to modify people’s trajectories & behaviours in the city. It makes the usual and pre-determined way invalid and asks walkers to adapt themselves to the other. It provokes intersected paths and encourages an action together. For example, it can require two people to push a button simultaneously to access the street.

As you don’t feel threatened by someone laughing, the project takes the shape of a game. The common space becomes a playful area, giving opportunities to meet your neighbour in a lively and neutral way.

> the complete research and presentation


A pop-up map of Krugerplein (Amsterdam’s neighborhood), to play and practice.

12 modules on a scale 1/100, each having a property to modify people trajectories.

12 notices to built and apply the moduls in real life after practicing the game.

Contained in a nice homemade wood box.

; modules

A succession of not aligned frames.

A street bench+table.

A closed street with only a reduced passage.

A 90° bench at a random spot.

90° chairs at a random spot.

Reducing the entrance of a street into a zig-zag.

Reducing the space of a street into a corridor.

A very long tube to talk to someone next street.

A gate with an opening far from the entrance.

A street divider living only space for eye contact.

A gate that opens by two simultaneous pushes.

A door with a handle only on one side.

; notices

; previous research