Lockdown provided time for my neighbours to clean their house, leaving a consequent amount of stuff outside. Each day, I would reference the 5 trashes around my home, archiving objects by function and position. Why do we possess?

Who I would like to be (ideology)
Humans project symbolics and values into objects. Not purely decorative, not strictly functional, the things we own embody a system of core and beliefs.

Who I have been (identity)
Objects are the guardian of souvenirs and memories, as proof of a life well-lived: a testimony, an act of presence.

Who are you? (relation)
These props bond us to others, as they are subject to questions. It is a way to introduce visitors to our intimacy.

Who I am (sense of security)
It’s also nice to say « it’s mine », right? It’s here, forever, and I can dispose of it as I want, when I want, if I want. We are in control, and we like control because it feels safe and potent.