Humans are just animals pretending to be machines.

This essay seeks to scrutinise the theme of identity from both a philosophical and also kinetic perspective. It explores power structures, human’s relationships with authority/control, identity politics/semantics and psychological strategies in order to investigate the way in which humans cope with the dilemmas posed to us by the interaction of order and chaos. For the purpose of this text, the order vs. chaos dilemma is broken down further into : Individualism vs. collectivism and instinct vs. conscience.

The research draws scenarios of potential political futures and concludes that chaos is probably the land humans should try to reach, helped with the tool of instinct. Nevertheless, the state of being is always transitory and it seems that there is only constant transition and never a final state.

The book itself, contained in a freezer bag, is an experience of organized chaos, playing with a variety of papers and format.

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38 pages
16 cards
17cm x 33cm